iVoltage Sparks HTML5 Demo – San Angeles


We just finished porting the San Angeles demo into an HTML5 Sparks view. We almost didn’t perform any specific optimizations yet but the performance is already acceptable.  This demo is written in a combination of C++ & Lua and compiled for the javascript webGL Api. Works best in Firefox and Chrome, needs to be activated in Safari and will be supported in Internet Explorer 11 for Windows. Let it play for a minute or two and let us know about the framerate / download time.


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Froggle launches at the top of the Leap Store


We are all so thrilled to finally see our favorite amphibian featured in the top picks on the Leap Store. If you don’t already have a leap, order one from their website to try this exclusive version of Froggle for the Leap.

Froggle on Airspace

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Froggle Leaps


Froggle runs with the leap on Windows and Mac OSX. Rushed to get this out for the GDC. Stay tuned for more!

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Froggle visits Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress

iVoltage Mobile World Congress
On display at the Imagination Technologies booth Froggle visits Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress. Drawing over 70,000 attendees the annual convention has become the largest mobile conference in the World. With mobile devices in constant evolution there were a number of thrilling announcements including Sony’s waterproof phone and tablet, Nokia’s new 105 model with a battery that lasts a whole month and emerging technologies such as Wifi direct which allow mobiles to communicate with hi-fis and TVs.

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iVoltage has a Leap


iVoltage is ecstatic, we have been selected to receive the 1st prototype of the Leap motion device! As seen in the original video Leap holds its promises; precision, low latency, no need for user calibration, finger recognition, the ability to switch users instantly and the fact that it can be interrupted and resumed at any time which completely changes the interaction paradigm. We love it already and wanted to share our joy at unwrapping this new toy.

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Froggle goes to Vegas for the CES 2013

iVoltage + iFeelSmart at the Las Vegas Hotel          iVoltage + iFeelSmart - CES 2013
Come see us in Vegas! This is our second year at CES and we will be demoed at the booths of Intel, Arm, Imagination Technologies, Amino, Gigabyte, STMicro, Amlogic and in our private suite at the Las Vegas Hotel, room 18 232. Access through the panoramic elevator of the North tower. Our schedule is getting packed but there’s still time to book a meeting. Drop me an email before I land!

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Froggle and iFeelSmart

iFeelSmart + iVoltage + Froggle: The game can be played with almost any type of input and you can take away your progression with you on your mobile companion screen

We’ve been working under the hood on a tight integration of Froggle with the stunning SmartTV interface of iFeelSmart. We believe they designed the TV as it should have always been, using high performance OpenGL rendering and a sleek and intuitive interaction designed by Dale Herigstad. The Chief Creative Officer behind the interfaces of Minority Report designed a navigation that is never interrupted and only features smooth transitions from screen to screen.

We’ve worked on a tight integration which allows you to switch between apps, TV and now gaming with seamless transitions, and enhance the mobile experience on a 3D screen. Froggle interacts with a number of modules, this means you can play Froggle using the input that is the most natural and accessible to you, be it the PrimeSense camera, a gamepad, a TV remote, or even your iPhone or Android as a network remote. We can’t wait to showcase this collaboration at CES!

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Leap Motion – A Game Changer


When former Apple VP of Mobile Advertising Andy Miller meets with NASA and Web/MMO masterminds David Holz and Michael Buckwald beautiful things are created. Near controls are the current dream in motion applications / games. Leap, their motion controller has the right shape, ease of use / setup to fit any desk, travel in any pocket and boasts excellent precision and reactivity. I am very happy to finally see a motion controller penetrate the Mac market with the right Apple angle.

This video was released yesterday, in a few hours we’ve heard about Leap from four different people on three different continents.

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Froggle GDC 2012 Preview


Michel enjoyed a whirlwind two weeks in San Francisco presenting our newest game Froggle at the GDC. He gave a speech on Designing Under Constraints at the OpenNI Motion Games Developer Day, befriended the Halfbrick geniuses behind Fruit Ninja Kinect and JetPack Joyride, met the guys from Touch Arcade who wrote this article about Froggle and clinked glasses with some VIP’s at Microsoft.

It’s been great to introduce Froggle and get some feedback on the game. Often described as a cross between Jetpack Joyride, Tiny Wings & Flower with an Origami twist, Froggle is a beautiful mission based casual platformer which includes multiple vehicles for a total of 6 interaction gestures. Designed to be extensively cross-platform Froggle will be released in 2013. Big thanks to Jared for writing such a great article on TouchArcade.

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Intel CEO talks about Pixelate on Fox News


Intel CEO Paul Otellini talks with Fox Business reporter about the unveiling of the powerful new Sandy Bridge chip and Intel’s business perspectives for 2011. In their discussion of Intel’s innovations and upcoming releases, iVoltage’s Pixelate is featured as one of the busiest attractions at the Intel booth. See the Full Fox Business Report.

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Pixelate Showcases at the CES in Vegas


Happen to be in Vegas for the CES this weekend? Check out the Intel Booth where the latest beta of Pixelate, iVoltage’s 3D motion sensing game is on display. Pixelate, a co-production with Orange, runs on the Intel Sodaville Platform. Play the game and incarnate Godzilla in a futuristic Tokyo, bouncing a pixel ball which pixelates the gray city into a dance floor. We are thrilled to be developing Pixelate on this revolutionary platform which balances global appeal and accessibility with new 3D camera technology, becoming a standard for future home entertainment.

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Poker Finder Wins Prize for Best Innovation France Poker Awards 2011

4 months after it’s iPhone launch Poker Finder wins the prize for Best Innovation at the France Poker Awards 2011! With over 23,000 downloads in just a few months Poker Finder has made quite a splash.
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SideFlip Makes it on Featured App List


SideFlip made it onto the list of Featured Apps on the App Store! We are so proud of all the attention the game is getting. Check out SideFlip’s review on AppSpy and let us know what you think of the game by leaving us a comment. Also please don’t forget to rate and review SideFlip on the app store if you like our game. Thanks to everyone who has already bought the game, we are happy to see some players have already clocked 120 hours and made some challenging levels in the editor.

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SideFlip is on the App Store!


Our first game is out on the App Store Today! SideFlip blends minimalistic mosaics and ambient music to create an addictive and challenging puzzle game. Run your finger over zen mosaics flipping tiles to transform each chaotic level into clean rows of either black or white. SideFlip’s minimalistic design and ambient music evoke a spa, while the plethora of increasingly challenging puzzles are addictive, fun and sharpen your spatial reasoning. Try the game now!


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iVoltage is working with Orange

iVoltage is working with orange on a groundbreaking new project to bring motion sensing gaming to the home entertainment platform. This is a great opportunity for us and we are thrilled to be part of this converging media strategy. We believe this platform will bring TV, music and gaming together in a highly accessible, interactive and groundbreaking format.
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