by michaK on 7/12/2008



Froggle512x512 Froggle is a stunning 3D platformer filled with 120 challenging missions. The game is beautiful yet simple, with intuitive controls on any platform. Froggle hops from lily pad to lily pad, collecting glow bugs and avoiding the angry fish who lurks below. Froggle can take to the sky on a bird, ride a beetle or even control a jetpack! Trade the glow bugs you’ve collected for bonus vehicles and powerups in the stash.


Play Pixelate and incarnate Godzilla in a futuristic Tokyo, bouncing a pixel ball with a flick of your hand which pixelates the gray city into a dance floor. We are thrilled to be developing Pixelate on this revolutionary platform which balances global appeal and accessibility with new 3D camera technology


SideFlip Run your finger over mosaics of black and white tiles, flipping to transform each chaotic level into clean rows of either black or white. SideFlip’s minimalistic design and spacey music evoke a zen spa while the plethora of increasingly challenging puzzles are addictive, fun, and sharpen your spatial logic.

Poker Finder

Poker Finder is an iPhone application created by poker players to tip fellow players about upcoming events, tournaments, card rooms, casinos and online tournaments. Winner of the France Poker Awards 2011 Prize for Innovation.


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